KCT857 Puller Assist Hammer Jack Kit


Coming soon!
•The Puller Assist Hammer Jack Kit provides controlled upward hammering and vibration to loosen and remove fuel injectors and much, much more.
•Most of the time the Puller Assist Hammer Jack Kit is used in conjunction with a puller. The puller is tightened to a safe amount, then the Puller Assist Hammer Jack Kit loosens and lifts. This process is repeated until the injector is out.
•Rapid upward vibration breaks away carbon as it lifts and loosens the injector.
•The controlled upward vibration has little chance of injector damage, whereas the harsh sudden blows of a slide hammer can easily damage or break the injector.
•The compact design allows it to fit in very tight places.
•The removable 8 position handle provides the most secure grip.
•Comes with right, left and straight jack hammers.
•Includes the KCT1910PS 5.5″ Shockit™ Short Punch