KCT855A – Texas Twister™ Air Hammer Pulling Kit


2017 PTEN Innovation Award Winner
Now you can convert your air hammer into a pneumatic slide hammer with the Texas Twister™. Simply snap the Texas Twister™ curved air bit into the collet of your hammer with one of the bits attached. Reverse the air hammer handle in your hand now using thumb to push the hammer trigger. Feel the 3000 air hammer blows per minute tuning into new pulling power. One hand operation allows you to hold parts with your other hand. Safe controlled part removal without parts and fluids crashing to the floor. Use 21st century air hammer pulling power to get the job done SAFE, FAST & EFFICIENT instead of a slow, manually powered 19th century slide hammer. Extend the reach of the tool by using the 20” extension. Patent no. 7,036,211.

Now includes NEW puller connectors 1/2-20 to 5/8” and 1/2”-20 to 3/4” to connect the Texas Twister™ to your 5/8” & 3/4” slide hammer bits and pullers. Includes NEW KCT855A-18 Texas Twister™ Vise Grip Adapter standard in KCT855A kits as of August 1, 2019. KCT855A-18 will connect any vise grip with 7/16-14 thread and comes with jam nut and lock washer. Thread size 1/2-20 x 7/16-14. Comes packaged in a custom plastic tray with a custom black ballistic nylon carrying case.

NEW parts & storage tray added!

Includes Components:

KCT855-1A 20″ Primary Drive Bar 1
KCT855-2A 7″ Seal Remover 1
KCT855-3A 20″ Straight Extension 1
KCT855-4A 7″ J-Hook & Reverse Hammer 1
KCT855-5A 7″ Universal Flat Blade Puller 1
KCT855-6A Crows Foot – 7″ Axle Puller 1
KCT855-7A 6″ Double Male Extension 1
KCT855-8A 2.5″ Double Female Connector 2
KCT855-9 1/2-20 Hex Nut 10
KCT855-10 1/2″ Flat Washer 2
KCT855-11 1/2″ Lock Washer 4
KCT855-12 1/2″-20 to 5/8″-18 Thread Connector 1
KCT855-13 1/2″-20 to 3/4″-16 Thread Connector 1
KCT855-14 5/8″-18 Finish Hex Nut for KCT855-12 1
KCT855-15 5/8″ Lock Washer for KCT855-12 1
KCT855-16 3/4″-16 Finished Hex Nut for KCT855-13 1
KCT855-17 3/4″ Medium Split Lock Washer for KCT855-13 1
KCT855A-18 Double Male Vise Grip Connector Bolt 1
KCT855-TRAY Disposable Display Packaging 1
KCT855-CASE Case for KCT855 1